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Had a car accident on the way to work? Claim Compensation

Work from Home Marietta Ga I am able to unsubscribe at any given time. Talk to a Lawyer. Your claim could be resolved fairly quickly, or it could become a long, drawn-out process that requires substantial court involvement. So the notice of coverage issue should have included a notice of issue with regard to liability, collision and medical coverage benefits under the policy. Filing a Lawsuit If you cannot reach an appropriate settlement with the insurance provider, you might need to bring your claim to court. What can you suggest or recommend me to do? If an employee is a pilot, bus driver, delivery truck driver, etc.

Tag Archives: employers liability for employee accidents while coming to work The Coming and Going Rule: An Employer’s Responsibility for Traveling Employees. The employee left for work in his own vehicle and was involved in a car accident.


When certain pieces of evidence are not available such as photographs of your car, the insurance adjuster might take them. Pieces of evidence that the insurance adjuster reviews during the investigation of your claim include:. Other pieces of evidence that may be considered when investigating your claim include evidence of your financial damages and content on your social media accounts. Experts can provide critical insight to your accident and subsequent damages. This insight can be used to underscore your personal injury claim.

However, he or she may not have insurance or may have insurance that fails to cover all of your damages. As a result, you may be required to go through your own provider to make up the difference between his or her coverage and your financial needs. Most car accident claims are settled without a lawsuit. Your case could very well be one of them. Do not accept a settlement offer without first consulting with your attorney.

If you cannot reach an appropriate settlement with the insurance provider, you might need to bring your claim to court. Car accident lawsuits typically are filed in the proper Circuit Court. This court usually will be the one located in the county where the accident occurred or where the negligent driver resides. Even if you file a lawsuit, it is possible to settle your claim out of court.

WHO made the determination at your auto IC? Did you keep all the documentation? You may have a claim for failure to provide benefits per your IC contract.

Were you injured in the accident? Have you filed an actual claim for WC benefits? You will at least be afforded treatment to any injury for 90 days while the IC investigates your claim. Join Date Oct Posts 9, Need Help Asap have the work comp carrier make up a claim and issue a formal written denial of benefits. That should satisfy the auto carrier. Need Help Asap Roofs wife here: Has your Auto carrier sent you in writing a notice of Coverage Conflict?

If they have not and just simply said: There are guidelines that every Calif insurer subject to REGS must comply with and a denial of coverage cannot be made unless the guidelines are followed to a "T", meaning a statement from you, then a coverage memo to the higher up, a claim committee to determine if the issue has been fully investigated and then a formal written denial of coverage citing the particulars at hand. So the notice of coverage issue should have included a notice of issue with regard to liability, collision and medical coverage benefits under the policy.

Need Help Asap I recieved the letter. I have not filed a WC claim as I assumed that the accident was not work related. I do not get compensted for the miles that I drive to and from work.

Is there a labor code about this that you guys can link so I can write the Insurance a letter. I really need some kind of written evidence. Also you said that you were picking up papers for an employee If so and you agreed to do it for the employee, you have then put yourself in a position to raise the issue of In the Course of Employement, even though your employer did not directly instruct you, indirectly you put yourself back on the employers clock. So not only does your auto carrier need a statement from you, they also should have obtained a statement from the employee who originally was to pick up the papers, and your employer as to what the employer instructed the employee to do, that you did as a favor.

In the interim if you have private health insurance, they should be stepping in until such time that the issues at hand have been investigated and coverage either coordinated or denied has been noticed to you. Need Help Asap Roofs wife: Was this a formal denial after a complete investigation? If the later, then your auto insurer is delaying determination of benefits until such time as they have completed their investigation Under REGS the insurer must notify you with in 40 days of their determination or notify you that additional information is needed, and continue to do so every 30 days thereafter, until a decisin is made.

I have to run so if you can provide me some more info I would be happy to see what other info or resources I can give you. Need Help Asap No law lists things that it doesn't do. Laws generally only relate to the what is covered and what does apply. Employers should think twice before asking an employee to perform a special task for them before coming into work.

For example, in the Schreifer case, the employee was a sheriff and was scheduled to begin work at 7 p. If an employee is a pilot, bus driver, delivery truck driver, etc. For example, in Huntsinger v. Glass Containers Corporation, the employer was liable for injuries of a traveling repairman who had extensive use of a truck while visiting customers in the field. An employer may be responsible to provide their employee with compensation benefits during travel, if the travel was related to and for the benefit of the employer.

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What Does "Work-Related" Mean?

Get a FREE claim assessment from The Personal Injury Lawyers. Can I Claim For A Car Accident I Had Going To Work? The case of Brew v Workcover Queensland, where Mr Brew was injured on the way home from work in a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel of his car. Mr Brew had been working excessive overtime and not being provided. With work-life boundaries continuing to evaporate, it's important to understand your legal rights (and your options) if you're injured in a car accident while traveling for work, or while engaging in some other work-related activity. In this article, we'll focus on the legal intersection between. This exception was applied in a case where an employee was involved in an automobile accident while driving home after suffering a work-related injury. Because the evidence revealed the employer had concerns about the employee's ability to safely drive, the employer was held liable for the employee's accident.