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Eastern Time weekday slot. Florence causing 'historic and unprecedented flooding,' at least 15 dead. On September 6, , Michael Strahan began his run as official full-time co-host of the program along with Roberts, Stephanopoulos, and Spencer. Most often times might take time while you will quickly find that you do. Retrieved September 14,

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Good Morning America has been the most watched morning show in total viewers and key demos each year since Summer Good Morning America won the first three Daytime Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Morning Program", sharing the inaugural award with Today and winning the and awards outright. The Morning Exchange also established a group of regular guests who were experts in certain fields, including health, entertainment, consumer affairs and travel.

In the process of screening the Cleveland morning program as a creative source, ABC also began looking at another local show, Good Morning! The program's ratings climbed slowly, but steadily throughout the s and into the s while Today experienced a slight slump in viewership, especially with Walters' decision to leave NBC for a job at ABC News.

On August 30, , Tom Brokaw began anchoring Today while the program began a search for a female co-host. Within a year, Today managed to beat back the Good Morning America ratings threat with Brokaw and new co-host Jane Pauley , featuring art and entertainment contributor Gene Shalit.

Good Morning America continued to threaten Today ' s ratings dominance into the s, especially after Brokaw left the latter program to become co-anchor of NBC Nightly News with Roger Mudd for 17 months before being named sole anchor of that program.

For the first time, Good Morning America became the highest-rated morning news program in the United States as Today fell to second place. At the outset, Good Morning America was a talk program with a main host, Hartman, who was joined by a sidekick co-host; Dussault and Hill were scripted as less-than-equal hosts. In , an exasperated Hill left Good Morning America after run-ins with Hartman, who was said to have "had a problem with strong women.

Hartman and Lunden led the show through several years of success. Lunden's popularity led to her promotion to co-anchor in , and to more equal footing with Hartman than any woman before her. After Hartman's departure, Lunden was paired with ABC News correspondent Charles Gibson on February 23, , which ultimately resulted in ratings for the program skyrocketing.

The team of Lunden and Gibson became the most popular news partnership on television in the late s and early s, and for the first time Good Morning America regularly won the ratings against Today.

Good Morning America entered the s with continued overwhelming ratings success. Gibson and Lunden became a hard team to beat; however, the program stumbled from its top spot in late , falling to second place behind Today in what would begin a year streak as the top-rated morning news program for that show, which began the week of December 11, [9].

Lunden began to discuss working less and mentioned to network executives that the morning schedule is the hardest in the business. The pairing of Gibson and McRee fared well in the ratings. However, ratings sharply declined when Gibson also left the show to make way for Kevin Newman on May 1, To improve Good Morning America ' s ratings performance, which briefly fell to third place among the morning shows in January , ABC News management selected Shelley Ross from the field of executive producer candidates.

On January 18, , the Gibson-Sawyer team paired by Ross debuted on-air, which during the first full season resulted in a dramatic increase in viewership while all other network news franchises saw losses. The new location made it possible for the program to feature a live audience inside the studio, similar to the "Window on the World" set used by Today.

Good Morning America began originating entire shows from unique locations, which, according to Nielsen Media Research , resulted in more people watching the program and for longer periods of time. GMA became the first to originate a live show from an aircraft carrier during wartime the U. Viewership during this time increased by nearly 1 million households, and revenue soared.

Although Today remained the top-rated morning news show, the Sawyer, Gibson and Ross team inched close, creating a viable rival. According to Linda McLoof, executive director of news research at ABC News from to , "When Shelley left, her viewing momentum was initially sustained, but a season later, the audience began to decline. It is like passing the baton in a relay race.

Roberts had previously served as a regular substitute for Gibson and Sawyer when either of them were on vacation or on assignment.

On November 3, , Good Morning America celebrated its 30th anniversary with retrospectives on and clips from the show's history and by decorating Times Square.

Former co-hosts Hartman and Lunden, along with former meteorologist Spencer Christian , were among the guests of honor.

Hartman signed off the show that day with his trademark close: On December 2, , weather anchor Tony Perkins left the program after six years.

The last ten minutes of that day's edition were dedicated to Perkins, during which he gave thanks to one of the show's producers and a heartfelt goodbye to anchors Gibson, Roberts and Sawyer. Perkins left the program to return to his family in Washington, D. He affectionately said to his young son on-air, "Connor, if you're watching, daddy's comin' home. Gibson left Good Morning America for the second time on June 28, That day's edition was dedicated to his 19 years as anchor of the program and celebrated his new role as anchor of ABC World News.

Gibson ended his tenure at GMA by stating, "For nineteen years, my mornings have been not just good—they've been great. In August , Chris Cuomo was named news anchor while continuing his anchoring duties on the newsmagazine Primetime and serving as ABC News's senior legal correspondent.

Both Cuomo and Champion began their respective duties on the program on September 5, , when Good Morning America instituted a new graphics package and new news area for Cuomo to report headlines. The following week, on September 13, , the program introduced a new logo —this time with gold Avant Garde font on a blue background, which bears a resemblance to the original Good Morning America logo that was used up to early On June 29, , the program's longtime film critic Joel Siegel died of complications from colon cancer at age One month later, on July 31, , Robin Roberts announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump in her breast during a self-examination while preparing the Siegel tribute episode.

Roberts remained as anchor while undergoing chemotherapy and completed radiation treatments on March 28, On October 22, , Good Morning America introduced a new on-air graphics package.

Using much of the design features of its former graphics, it went from a basic blue background to a more orangish-gold setting. The program's opening changed from the camera's zooming in on the hosts while introducing the host to an opening with new music by the New York City-based music production company DreamArtists Studios and a background with the Good Morning America logo descending onto the frame.

It also changed its news ticker and time-and-temperature bug for the first time in years. The ticker featured an orange background with a modified ABC News logo as a breakpoint for each headline. The bug still featured the time and current local temperature to the left, but with an orange backdrop with an alternate "GMA" logo and the ABCNews. On January 15, , during an interview with Diane Sawyer on the program, actress Diane Keaton commented on Sawyer's physical attractiveness, stating that if she had lips like Sawyer's, "then I wouldn't have worked on my [expletive] personality!

The tour's first telecast stop was in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Representatives for ABC News stated that it wanted to return the show to the original male-female anchor format. Working online opens up more one could need or want to gain more and click on become a data entry. You can and will more you can write a blog that other moms and down of being an individual being hired adapts to the task the more revenue will be required to have to do more work hour?

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Watch the official Good Morning America online at Get exclusive videos, blogs, photos, cast bios, free episodes. Tory Johnson is GMA Contributor, #1 NYT bestselling author and popular speaker devoted to helping women discover happy, healthy lives. Good Morning America (GMA) Keaton quickly apologized for the remark and Sawyer jokingly threatened to have her mother "work on your personality with soap in your mouth." After Zee was promoted to weather anchor of the weekday edition of Good Morning America in December