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There aren't many places to get ideas about run-commuting, but for tips and ideas on how to make it enjoyable and practical, inspiration from experienced run-commuters and to offer your own pearls of wisdom, check out theruncommute. December 14, at 9: This is my first week. Good luck with the running to work. So I am now doing some research into doing the run commute.

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So many of us lead such busy lives that weaving in exercise into your daily routine can be almost impossible. So by combining your morning commute with a daily run makes total sense. First and foremost it is important to make the initial journeys hassle free as possible in order to encourage a rolling program of runs. If you are already a runner, you should know your limits and time-lines involved. It is necessary to plan ahead , as the logistics involved with the kit and hygiene will take some consideration.

You will quickly get into a routine of how to organise your schedule with the following hint and tips: By increasing size, the weight increases are generally not dramatic and will cope with the extra gear that might be required on occasions. Many people are put off running to work due to the perceived logistics involved.

Set aside a little time, think about the logistics and give it a go. You will NOT regret it! Covers just about everything. When I ran home from work a few years back something different would go wrong each time. At this morning, I prepared my rucksack carefully with the stuff I needed for my run commute. I left the house at , fifteen minutes over my target time of The route itself was great, a few miles of gradual downhill, lots of flat areas, occasional up hills but very small ones.

I arrived at work for and as predicted, someone had just beaten me to the shower. I began the emergency wash routine as planned, with disposable flannel, cheap as chips from a discount store. The next issue I had was the constant sweating, I sweat quite heavily and if I am not in a room with a breeze, it takes ages to dry off, so I was sat at my desk feeling very sweaty for about an hour, fortunately, the air conditioning helped wick the sweat away.

There must be a better way. Before running home this afternoon, I will leave my shoes here at work, along with toiletries to lessen the load. So far, off to a bad start. Sounds like you need a couple more attempts at this before getting it down to a fine art! A 1hr20 run is pretty impressive tho, nice work. I have just started running to and from work with the goal of running a half marathon in mind at some point. The hard work at the start is definitely worth it! The endorphin boost resulting in mental clarity means you arrive at your desk ready to go rather than needing a drip of espressos to start the day!

Annoy my work colleagues of course! Actually, if you look closely at your local area you might find a cheap place to shower like a leisure centre or bargain gym Or do you have friends in nearby offices that do have a shower.. Hey Andrew, Please get in touch with your direct email so we can discuss a potentially mutually beneficial project. Hi Andrew, I like your website. A good way to start is to run only once or twice a week at first, and gradually build up from there.

Glad you like the site. As you say, it just takes getting used to and build from there. It means I have to get up about 45 mins earlier than if I took the underground, but I feel fantastic for it! Keep spreading the word. My company is just moving to new offices and a shower is apparently there so I am very excited.

And the breakfast that I can grab at Waterloo on my way to the office, nothing beats it. Glad you like it Wanda. Keep spreading the word! Hope you get to give it a go Andrew. If I move to an office further away from home I may need to do the backpack thing but I am really worried about chafing, which was a problem I had the first time I tried the backpack.

Do others not have that problem? Like you I have a fair few change of clothes at work. Once that admin is done then its pretty much plain sailing. But I do use lengthy running tops and ones with high necks or some with zips that ride up almost as high as the top of my neck. In the winter then I have a shell jacket over the running tshirt so no probs at all! Also, tying up the backpack as tight as possible without stopping circulation!!

Boy does that make me sound like a geek! Yep, its a great way of combining a commute with training and therefore saving time as well as money. Loads of good reasons to run to work. It certainly beats driving, sometimes quite literally! Very liberating when you are passing cars stuck in traffic, even if it is raining!

I have a 7 mile commute, but stretch it out sometimes as well. Yep, certainly in town it can often be quicker than grinding away on the bus or in traffic. Keep it up and spread the word! If I run to work in the morning and get the tube home, what do I do in the winter with my big heavy coat?! I certainly need it in the evening! Yep, a big heavy coat is not going to fit in a running backpack for sure! So take a few lighter weight layers to work in the backpack and wear those for the journey home.

Just takes a bit of shopping about — have a look at Cotswold Outdoor Shop who I have a few links to on my website. Currently cycle to and from work days a week. Good to hear it James. Hi Andrew, great site! We just spoke via Twitter. I do run other places though instead of taking of the car.

Keep up the great work! Hi Paul — thanks for the note and good luck getting your new site going. There seems to be a run commute community growing which is encouraging in this foul weather!

Roll on the summer. Hi, love the concept of this site. I used to run home from work…yes I did find I did have to plan a head such a thinking about what clothes I was to wear that day, what was going to fit into my back pack on the way home etc but once I got used to it and got into a routine of doing it….

Anyway — I no longer run home from work as I have moved jobs and live too far away but I can honestly recommend that people who run and live close enough to work should run to or from work! Instead I get off the train about 10km from work and run from there.

Going to start off slowly with a couple of times a week and am planning to have enough stuff at the office to allow me to run with only a small amount of gear each day. Any tips on a backpack to get? I think I only need L as it should only be the essentials…. Have a look at this backpack. Good luck with the running to work.

The summer is nearly on us I hope! I run 4 data a week from home to work: Based on your webside. I have to admit that this this is something I have thought about for a while. The only thing is that I work shifts and in order to get in for day shifts and have a shower, I would have to leave at about !! This would make me unpopular with the family if I woke th email up to have a shower. That said though I will give it some serious looking at. Mind you, I would have to change my route as the first couple of miles is a winding road with no footpath a nd lots of cars.

So I am now doing some research into doing the run commute. This will give 2. For seven years I took a bus to work and ran 5 miles home. A job change brought an end to that — I have to go to multiple, widespread locations everyday. Hi all, I live 25 miles from work but drive to within 3 miles of work, park up and run the rest of the way. I managed to get my HM time down to 1: Since adopting this approach I am nearly ache free still improving.

By August I should be comfortably running 50m a week and will then start with the intervals, threshold, hills etc. My HM time is going to crrrrrruuuuuumble: Sounds like you have it licked! Like you I now live a long way from work. I get off my train before necessary and then do something like a cheeky 10km from there.

Reckon your half mara time is going to fall quicker than Luis Suarez in the penalty area! Good luck with it — let us know how it goes. I visited your website, Andrew, some time ago over one year to get some information because I was planning to run to and back from work. We were changing office location and I could not find a satisfying way to get there.

Of course you need to organize at the beginning but you get used to it very quickly. I run 14km a day that way and stop once or twice a week to give my legs some rest. Anyway, I highly recommend it to anyone that is lucky enough to have a shower around the office and a realistic distance between work and home. Running to work will make you happy. Thanks for the note. You and I are on the same page when it comes to the benefits of run commuting! It definitely puts you in a better mood, de-stresses, brings clarity and relaxation.

Oh, and a bigger breakfast as well! Keep spreading the word amongst your friends and colleagues. The message is slowly getting out there! So progress is being made. I work in a factory so the worries of smelling or sweating are irrelevant. Also got a shower in the locker room. Thanks for the tips, I currently bike to work and have been wanting to do this for a while. Its good to mix it up a bit, biking and running to work.

Good luck with it. Been trying to get my head around the logistics. Yep, the thought of how to go about it can be trickier than the actual event itself. Take as many clothes in as you can on non run commute days and leave them at work. Good luck and make it a new year resolution! Hey fellow commuters thinking of starting to run to work…. I usually manage about 5k on leisurely run with my usual distance being about 3k — any advice on how to get started and make it possible? I was thinking maybe catch the tube to a managable distance and run from there… any advice welcome please!

Yes, thats a great way to start out run commuting. Catch a bus or tube to a manageable distance and head into work from there. Also possible for the way home as well of course! Its all about getting into a routine. And the lighter mornings and warmer weather should help at this time of year! My run commute is 10km.

I measured my time 1: I set off on the Monday morning with enough time to spare based on my benchmark and made it 5 minutes ahead of time. From then on it just got quicker until now, when I do the run daily in between 45 and 50 minutes. Try the full distance — it might not be as hard as you think. Great piece of advice there, Daniel. Since run-commuting in Brazil is very rare, we are interested in doing a news piece about that in London, and I would like to invite you to be part of the news piece.

If you are interested, please e-mail me: I am sorry I am writing you here but I did not find your email. I have just started running to work. This is my first week. My legs ache, but I feel full of energy. A deep breath, cold towel and a dark room is required. And buckets of patience…! Your run commute regime will be doing you well. In terms of kit: Salomon are doing some great trail shoes at the moment and are my current go-to shoe of choice.

You might also try them on somewhere and then order on line — get some good bargains if you shop around on line! The OMM do some good waterproof kit and are well worth checking out. Really useful website, thanks a lot for all the information and advice. I am currently run-commuting 5. It means you can say ta-ta to public transport and also no need for that pre or post work gym work out. It definitely is doable in winter.

Cold morning runs are really rewarding I find. And on rainy days just run faster…. My journey is from first-time Father to Fitness. I use running to clear my head and to get my heart pumping. My advice to new runners would be to checkout parkrun.

And like you I think its the best way to clear the head and feel really sharp for the day ahead. Park Run is getting very popular. Its all over twitter! There aren't many places to get ideas about run-commuting, but for tips and ideas on how to make it enjoyable and practical, inspiration from experienced run-commuters and to offer your own pearls of wisdom, check out theruncommute.

This new website, backed by ashmei , has been set up to help runners the world over discover the benefits of run commuting or help existing fans to share their thoughts and tips with others. There are also some great tips on a blog called Running To Work. Alternatively, share your suggestions in the comments below.

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How to start run-commuting mile you can cover almost four miles in half the average time people take to commute in London each don't have a shower at work, don't run to work. Run home. The feasibility of run commuting depends not only an ability to run but also the length of the commute. No matter how dedicated a runner you might be, you have to . It's been 6 seasons of exciting moments running across London sharing training tips and discovering the city. The programme's been filled with treats to our runners from mince pies and Santa runs over Christmas to Easter eggs and top nutrition advice. The Home Run team ///// First name. Email address. Home postcode. Nearest transport.