Online accounting jobs from home without investment in india

100 Online Business Ideas in India 2018 (without investment)

Very few people understand how Income Tax is levied in India. Travel is one of the top priorities of my life. It is very easy how ever, you need to be very careful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You will get more opportunities to grow even if your app failed in making money for you. This is one of the reasons why very few journalists write about complicated financial aspects and only cover the general news. Both failed because of different reasons.

We will explain you about each data entry jobs you can do from home without any investment so that you can earn maximum earning from this work. Types of Data Entry Jobs. Read about each & every data entry jobs so that you will know which one is best suitable for you. You can immediately start any offline & online data entry jobs given below

Types of Data Entry Jobs

You already have 10 job alerts. Edit your current job alerts to add a new one. Log in to manage your alerts. The server is temporarily not accepting requests. Please try again later. TFG is pioneer in providing services of international standard and catering to the needs of tourists all across the world with our mission to empower you we at TFG, bring a genius chance to earn huge income of Rs. Want to secure financial independence without getting entangled in office job.

Good communication skills to attract the potential customer You are then required to give your feedback through an online survey. We pay the shopper a fee per report. All you need 1. Good Communication Skill Written and Spoken. Compliance Officer Work Experience: Handsome Earning with Commission sharing basis. You can come up with your own innovative ideas to select the right candidates for the right job position. I do marketing without spending a single paisa on paid marketing.

If you know content marketing, you can help many startups, which are looking out for the growth organically. There is a lot of demand for good content marketing guys in the market. You can be the next successful guy if you want to build your career in content marketing.

Many people consider digital marketing and content marketing as same. Digital marketing is more about driving traffic to your website and app through paid mediums like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Content marketing is more about organic growth with the help of articles, videos and graphics fueled with compelling stories. If I can bring one lead at a cost of rupees, a digital marketing expert can bring one lead at 50 rupees.

Digital marketing is all about understanding the data and optimizing the cost. I can also create Ads on Facebook but I just know the basics.

Learn the basics, try some digital marketing for yourself and you can become a digital marketing agency. My friend Deepak teaches digital marketing free of cost. You can get most of your initial audience from the Facebook. Your content can go viral if you create a high value content for startups.

There are already so many groups dedicated to startups, marketing, blogging and seo. Once you have an audience, you can start selling your services to startups. Affiliate and display Ad marketing will always remain an option for you.

Depending upon your skills, you can charge 20, to 50, rupees to sell your services. This is very much doable if you put your brain and heart at work. You can get multiple online business ideas if you look at any news portal. You can make a niche media website for business, movies, cricket, food, tech, auto, apps, art, wedding and elections. There might be many channels that share the bollywood news but the market is not saturated.

You can still write movie reviews and find interesting stories of celebrities that people want to read. Your success depends on your promotion capabilities. There is enough room in the startup ecosystem to find stories from many different angles.

You can take interviews of startup founders in a particular area and celebrate the whole month on that topic. For example, write stories on funding in February, matching co-founders in March, acquisition in April.. If you have a mind of an entrepreneur, you can be innovative at each step of your career. If you are a passionate tech lover and spend many hours reading about latest trends in technology then why not start an online business in the same niche.

I already gave you the source for generating as many ideas as you wish. You can go deeper into the software development technology, tools or design tech. There are infinite opportunities if you keep your eyes open. Tech and gadgets are in the similar domain.

You may include both on your portal or start with your niche products. If I would have to start, I would pick just one product or a range of products from a company. You can go for the expanded scope at a later stage.

You can make an exclusive news portal on Apple products only. Make sure to keep the quality so high that you become the first source of contact if I need any information about iPhone, iPad or Macbooks. A great opportunity for all the young ladies who are fascinated by the latest trends in the fashion market.

When we say fashion, the first impression that comes to our mind is the western fashion. You can get the same success even if you are interested in Indian fashion trends. Saree and Kurtas are the all time favorites of Indian women. Once it used to be my favorite domain but there was so much noise in it that I stopped reading stock and business news. There are a very few people who write about the important and useful information for investors. Here comes an opportunity for you.

If you are really interested in stocks or business, then become a trusted source of information. You can make a good business only after doing a remarkable work in any field. Many people underestimate themselves and are afraid of taking the first step. I thought about starting my business in and took the actual step in You, yourself can guess what I missed out.

I wasted 6 years just in thinking. The best way to make money from news portal is by the Display Ads. But, if you are making something in very niche segment like Apple products then you can make a great income from affiliate marketing.

You can promote paid apps from apple store as well as sell apple products through Amazon and Flipkart. Depending upon the audience profile and niche, you can start making income after hitting 10, monthly traffic on your website. If you can make a consistent traffic then you can make 50, to , per month within one year. If you are building a tech product or you belong to some boring profession like accounting or legal services, then most likely you will fail on facebook marketing.

Because people spend time on Facebook to enjoy, watch videos, share photos and read masala articles. No one wants to buy your stuff. There are certain categories where Facebook fails but google rocks. I have not listed these under Facebook because google dominates them in traffic. You also get high quality readers from google in those categories. Software engineers can easily start an online business in tech industry.

If you are running short of ideas then just look at Stack Overflow community. If you are a techie, you must have come across stackoverflow posts when searching for your tech queries. You can do much better job than StackOverflow if you create awesome content in one single area. People used to search google for restaurants but then Zomato picked up the niche and dominated the restaurant discovery. Can you become Zomato of your tech industry? It is difficult for me to write all the ideas in detail.

I will give you a single line hint and you can refine ideas based on your interests and capabilities. There can be more than ideas within the tech startup domain.

Think, what you can do the best. If you have a little experience in mobile development, just move forward with the implementation of your idea. You will get more opportunities to grow even if your app failed in making money for you.

Communities will always remain the source of trusted information from the real users. Reddit, StackOverflow and Zomato are the communities of passionate people who want to help each other. You can come up with a new community in your niche. I am not giving you the ideas of tech blogs in this article as my purpose is to show you the potential of writing a blog on any technology.

If you have something in your mind, do your keyword research and start a blog. There was no opportunity in e-commerce few years back. But, now Indians are very comfortable in buying everything online. Here is the list of best shopping websites in India to buy electronics, books, furniture, clothes and groceries.

I am not sure if Flipkart or Snapdeal would be able to make profit or not, but I am sure that you can make a lot of money in e-commerce. My suggestion is to take advantage of the existing players who have already built a platform for shopping online. You can sell anything and everything online with the help of market places like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and Paytm. You can start with the small quantity of a product from the market and label it with your brand in order to resale.

Find easy to ship things like sunglasses, clothes, stationery and fashion material. Pick only good material stuff otherwise you will lose your brand even before its establishment. Once you learn how to sell and make some money even without profit you can negotiate with the factory to get a much lower cost material and can make higher margin on bigger sales orders.

Deals and coupons are the primary motivation for Indian consumers to buy online. However, there are so many players in the market who are selling online deals and coupons, you can still make a good money if you know how to reach out to the right audience that is searching for deals and coupons. You have to learn about starting an affiliate website and making money out of it.

There is a lot of material available online if you really want to learn and grow. I can also write some articles on affiliate marketing. You can find some hints in many sections of this article as well. You know women spend a lot of money on fashion and beauty products.

There is no doubt that they become fashion expert naturally as they use the products. Similarly you can find tons of keywords that people keep on searching online related to fashion.

Some ideas for you to move forward. These two friends started their blog in and created excellent content for their viewers. Brands have gone onto create videos with them in order to promote through their channel. I am not a fashion expert, but I can suggest you some tips based on my research. You can come up with a better idea if you are passionate about fashion. If you have a good number of followers on instagram, companies would give you free clothes and money just to tag your handle on their post.

The money would depend directly on your instagram following. I started my blog cash overflow to share my personal experiences in finance and money management. In a short period of time 14 months , my blog started receiving around 10, visitors each month.

I was writing about wealth management, investments and savings, but realized that online business is the best way to find financial freedom. Then I started to write about generating passive income because I feel that it is the better way of making money than investments. Should I share the tips for finance? You may become my competitor if you know more than me on the topic of finance. Should I be afraid of the competition or tell you how to build a strong personal finance online business?

If you are an expert in the field of finance, then the Internet is full of opportunities for you. Banks are ready to share commission with you if you send them leads. As the number of options to choose from is very high, the consumers get confused that which product they should buy and from where to buy it.

Can you help people in finding the best health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, investment policies, credit cards, mutual funds, personal loan and home loan? You can create a product comparison website, which could help users in selecting the product that best suits their needs. After you have helped the user in selecting the product — you can even sell that financial product to your users online.

Very few people understand how Income Tax is levied in India. Income Tax Return filing is mandatory for everyone even if your income is not under tax bracket. You can help people in filing income tax online.

You can charge a small fee from the client for filing his Income Tax Return. The estimated fees charged for ITR filing of a salaried individual is Rs. You can sell more related services like company registration, GST registration, TDS returns, customised monthly packages and start-up packages. The content written in newspapers is mostly written by Journalists who have little knowledge about complicated financial aspects.

This is one of the reasons why very few journalists write about complicated financial aspects and only cover the general news. For Indian audience, you can expect to earn around Rs. Youtube can give you more income through advertisements. Many successful blogs like ApnaPlan, Taxguru and Relakhs are making a decent amount by this way. I also earn money through Ads and affiliate marketing. People face issues with their finances like How to invest, Where to invest, How to save tax, How to set your financial goals and retirement planning.

Google ends up confusing them rather than helping them when they search online. Google can split up articles on a particular topic but cannot make a personalized plan for anyone. This is where the role of financial expert comes into play. If you are a financial advisor, provide customised financial advise to people over the phone and solve all their queries.

You can charge your clients on a per appointment basis. Financial Experts usually charge Rs. The duration of the appointment is usually 15 to 30 minutes. It is very easy how ever, you need to be very careful.

Good knowledge of English is very important because you have to read and understand things. Find more info on Copy Paste Jobs here. One of the most recommended online data entry job for extra income. Filling up survey forms is also a type of data entry work. Here you have to fill online forms provided by different survey sites.

Through this form, you give your feedback for a particular product which helps companies to design the best products for consumers. The first and basic data entry job is typing. Here you have to type anything into an excel spreadsheet or a word document.

You can check Top 5 Typing Jobs here. Form filling data entry jobs are not very common but you can find them on Internet. Here you have to fill simple forms with given information. Sometimes information is not given and you have to find on your own. Next is converting image to text. Here you have an image file containing text material and you need to write it down on a word document.

To put it simple, you have to see from image file and write it down on a word document. Medical Transcription is the most popular work from home job. Here you have to be on a phone and write things down what you listen. So it is bit different than regular data entry job. You need great listening skills and write it down as you listen. You have to format a word document. Formatting is not that easy as it is seen. You have to have full knowledge of work documents, things like indentation, aligning etc.

Content writing is bit different than regular data entry job. Here you have to write articles and give it back to publishers. Here you need more of a writing skill than typing skills. Catalog data entry operator is about creating an inventory list in an excel spreadsheet. An inventory has many products and you have to write it down their serial number, product name, numbers in stock, price etc into an excel spreadsheet.

Like content writing proofreading and copywriting is also a data entry work. However, they are bit different than regular data entry jobs. Here you have to good at English and typing speed is not required.

You must be able to read articles and find out mistakes.

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