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I have a little knowledge in computer troubleshooting, hardware and software. Urgent Hiring for Logistics Sales Account. Shin Phobefin Petiluna says: The work is very challenging. Employee Tracking to Improve Team Productivity -.

People around the world are telling how to work from home and make money online. Earnings vary depending on each individual affiliate's effort. Testimonials do not indicate an average or typical amount.

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We are establishing a core team in the Philippines. We are in process of recruiting, hiring and training several talented candidates who may enjoy a fast paced, challenging and rew Description I am looking for a home based telemarketer to work for a legit.

US based advertising company. The employer is a China based marketing specialist and they are looking for skillful Filipino applicants who wanted to build their career in the company. We are looking for indiv We give a work slot here: Must be knowledgeable with: Our standards are very high and this is the toughest place that you are going to probably work.

The work is very challenging. We want candidates who have th P Do you want to work at the comfort of your home? Are you good at customer service and multi-tasking? We are currently hiring a Virtual Assistant that Can you find a job suitable for my skills? This is a great article! Thus, my website Pinoy Home Office was born.

It also contains tips and basic guides as well as recent hiring post to kickstart their need to work at home. The website address is https: I been try various of freelance websites freelance is good but is not free anymore for those who want to have a job. Thank you for this information. We are also posting current job hires for Filipinos and basic guides on how to be an efficient virtual worker. Our website is https: Hi, you can also add http: I love variations and I can appreciate individuality.

Working with different kinds of people has always been a Challenging thing to me. And I like challenges. It keeps me going. I realize that there are likely other candidates who also have the ability to the job. Yet I have an additional quality that makes me the best person for the job — my passion for excellence. I am passionately committed to producing truly world class results. Hi Jaja Jane Labeta, are you still looking for work?

You can also put your resume on http: I am working for Remote Workmate, Remote Workmate is an outsourcing company based in Australia that caters to businessmen or companies outsmart their competitors and go from business stagnation to remarkable prosperity.

And how to we do that? Please visit our website at http: I would like to have a home-based accounting job but being a first timer, I would like to seek help from those who have been doing this job for some time..

I hope someone can contact me on my CP no Im a filipino currently in canada im interested of having a work home base im sure you can help me thanks. Poor benefits — Covered up with an offset of higher pay. Funnels benefits through their other Real Estate business. Job expectations do not meet job descriptions or pay scale. Ramsey is volatile and makes many unethical business decisions — Not to be trusted. Legally questionable business practices — Especially when it comes to HR and financial issues.

Management Advice Re-evaluate C-Suite. Be honest to employees, potential hires, clients and business partners. There is much better employment elsewhere. I was with MOD, but the experience is not that good as well. It is difficult to get client then easily get fired.

What homebased job you have now? I am a teacher currently teaching outside the Philippines. I am interested in teaching part-time, during the evening. Could anyone please recommend a job for online tutorial?

Hi I am looking for a home based job. I have a stable connection of 16 Mbps. I also have a working station at home. I am a very keen worker which requires minimum supervision and very trustworthy.

I am absolutely trainable and can follow detailed instructions. Can you hep me? For the benefit of your readers and those who would want to venture into home based jobs, please visit our website: You may also join our Facebook page: Hi, i just want to ask what is W-8BEN?

I want to ask more information about this. I am trying to find a work from home typing or data entry job. Can you please help me?

I would do well in these are as a first timer since my previous jobs in the office dealt with a lot of typing, emails and financial data gathering. I hope you could help me. We have a Facebook page you can check from time to time, we often post available positions here: If you do not have a staff.

I always find work in Upwork, Elance and Onlinejobs. These are my top three online platforms. They are also one of then largest online platform here in the Philippines and they are focus on Real Estates in the US. No job is going to land on your lap, honey. Hi Nora, no there should be no money involved in the registration, or the entire recruitment process for that matter.

If a site is asking money upfront, then better stay away from those. Ive worked online as a designer since I want to work on line job. I dont know how to start. I am a fast learner and I have my own computer with internet. Being new in the on line job I just want Data Entry first.

Your email address will not be published. About the Author Latest Posts. Rob Rawson Rob Rawson is a co-founder of Time Doctor which is software to improve productivity and help keep track and know what your team is working on, even when working from home.

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