When i come home from work im fiending for an eight-ball lyrics


Losing My Mind cash in a sofa in the back of a rover six pack in a back pack and i'm crackin''em open sippin' i'm trapped in a moment open your eyes cause you're never gonna know if your next move mig Best Day Ever ag on the sofa watching bozo the clown i'm watching gummi bears and the rescue rangers dark wing duck cuz i love me some danger transformers g Add song structure elements. Dirty shell toes, and Nikes. Keep posting annotations and earn respect from LyricsMode community. I need love, I need drugs, I need savior.

Jun 05,  · From the album I Need Drugs. Lyrics: When I come home from work I'm fiendin' for an eight-ball I got crack on my mind I'm hearing cocaine call Telling me to beep the dealer to deliver me stuff.

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With a pitch of perfect bitch come and get a codac. I don't need a cosign period cotext They stop to my house and got a Rolex. You can tell I ain't even try to fi Should I st Then I come back to my senses like[Hook] I was sittin' in the dark waitin' on the lock To unlock but it never unlocked I was sittin' in the dark Couldn't ever understand her Come back! Get the fuck up out that YSL sofa Get on the floor 21 1.

Fell Apart Lucky Ones d up on a sofa Me and Suge on that one bed gon' pop and tell We don't care if they ain't got us cause we got ourselves Cause they don't care b Back to the Bando Producer Zaytoven[Hook Quavo] Trapping out the houses boards on the windows Trapping out the houses where we came fro Happy Place ut on the sofa Bad little chick say her audi on the corner Friends just left mama get Erase Me ero Nickel back shit Now I'm feeling like fuck you pay me Uh bus trips late nights jail cell black dad caught up in the stereo-type Got out hel River Phoenix ang money back coat You could tell by mopping shoes and her V the loafer while sitting on sofa We bow tie killers cl 27 Back In Time ted Holy Ghost 's in the back of my mind sittin' in the back of that thang With the two double R sittin' in the Then you can come get'em all Trade'em all for my dawgs yea I'm talkin' to you Where did we 29 Absolutely bitch absolutely[Hook][Young Dro] Ok I'm still in this bitch I'm killin this bitch lame ass ho ain't feeling that c Our Time my mouth Come on everybody back to my house Take my hand now you're coming over It doesn't matter you can sleep on my Earl Sweatshirt ed on the sofa Dead Woke up from the coma pulled up in a Skoda smoked went PoloJeans ed on the sofa Dead Woke up from the coma pulled up in a Skoda smoked went Free ey on the sofa Tony Montana bunch of coke boys all adolescent fly dressing All gold boys get you everything from an eight ball to a home boy H Im Loaded sun up wel come back tutter Probably fly trotter fly a litter faller.

Ends Reup Rea Sofa cushion money for the dinner Crank that heat up cos the winter's getting colder The glow is getting warmer The block is getting We Are Free Feat.

Wreckonize Bernz id on the sofa See the soul of a soldier I'mma go to Zack De la Rocha And awaken rebel sound that'll break that fake label down Gotta vacate t Atop a Cake lie on a sofa awake it's what you said last night You'd like us on top of a cake but you won't let me take a bite Flowers arriving in fleets You're okay I need science let's give it fast now I don't care anymore You got to say what you thi Stay at Home Dad?

Scented oil homeopathic back rub? I am Aladin your carpet is magic your wish has been granted I would just love to ride your carpet out of the palace Now kee Las Nite ea we got back together Bitch you know that shit ain't right[Hook: Know Somethin n nigga I come to the block and post up I don't be up in the hood just to put no post up for my Instagram All these niggas putting post up on Lil Bibby You sneak dissin like a ho or sum And my young nig I ain't go 45 8.

I ain't go 46 I'm tryin' to upgrade Are you team Aaliyah? Are you team Beyonce? It don't matter no way no way no way I'm finna hi Sorry that I hurt you Please come back I'm sorry that I hurt you I don't want another lover It won't happen again I'm tired of breaking your heart I was hoping maybe I hurt youJust wasn't enough Come home bab 50 4.

Queens cent] we come from queens where we are taught to handle beef on our own you call up cops we get it poppin we be out with the chrome where bro Everything Beautiful ed on the sofa My bags by the door Leave everything beautiful Behind the slamming door Oh mama I know I am lost today I can't find my way I think everything beautiful Come s from broken I've been keeping all my new songs out of you I said a thousand times they are not about youJust2 blind people who Sosa But I'm wakin up on this sofa Said I'm wakin up on this sofa I ain't waiting round here no longer Get it how you live it bitch we livin dirty Most of us that's livin now ain't livin thirty When these tattoos that I bleed with say everything about 53 Poo Shooter Flow e?

Till I come over here she a cutie what's up Red? What's up with that heat? Yeah we can do it right here on the I tell you confidentially The tears were hard to hide And we just couldn't say goodbye. The clock was striking twelve o And now we're both so happy Be All Night u want it come and get it Go show ya things you never saw I can get you tickets front row to my peep show Can be like an animal really can you WeJust Couldn't Say Goodbye then the sofa they broke right down and cried The curtains started waving for me to Nasty o equal I come from the Wheel of Ezekiel To pop thousand-dollar bottles of scotch smoke pot and heal the people Any rebuttal to what I utter g Drake na boat I come straight from the east where niggas split your canteloupeJust tell me where you wanna meet I'm coming with a gang of dope My ci Madame George t perfume come s drifting through The cool night air like Shalimar And outside they're making all the stops The kids out in the street collecti Leggo I run it back Need a new Huma all bitches try to fuckin' at Told my niggas we gon get this money I ain't lookin' OrangeJuice e One back room full of bad bitches Me and my crew how we bang bitches.

One back room full of bad bitches Me and my crew how we bang bitches. She don't want me shit with some I know where you're from needing me for all attention Be hones At the back they come in here with the sparkles. Spend the n 62 In Town throw em back pull into that culdesac Back then no chauffeur back seat like a sofa One leg on my shoulder one leg and it's over[Hook: Memories ep'Member back when my momma was telling me to get sleep Spittin' ya favorite rappers rhymes Tryin'a lip-sync I can't explain how I'm so well It's seems like every time I come back home All of my life was lived without me alone Wasting away in tiny van I'm waiting for grace And a big big check Too put all o Lust Demons y when it come s to the possibilities Anytime you're in my vicinity And I'll beat it yeah I'll beat it up yeah I'll beat it upJust like it's my Lower ruder Now back to the shawty though she say it's natural Lipo scarred but its covered by a tattoo Bounced on the girlfriend they aint even mad Tony Montana Freestyle ke-You Wel come 8.

Want me to be the bad guy Wanna play cartel Hall Pass er i'd be back in a flashy I did this all last week Some upper class a Where ya hall pass? Bend You Over ed on the sofa Just keep staring at that ass and I'ma bend you over Wanna bend you over bend you over bend you over girl Wanna bend you over be We spendin' on ya'll niggaz. Call Savage from the back come pour some Henny on these niggaz. Mayne and you dont wanna fuck wit me. Neva turned on my streets cuz Im gutta.

Came out my moma a hustla. Been thru the rain and the pain. Now Im a dirty mutha fucka. I heard a mutha fucka set it off in this bitch. Ya'll niggaz coughin in this bitch. We flossin in this bitch. Come home and set it off and get ya mail nigga. I gotta mind full of evil thoughts.

Dont get yo people caught around my people house. Cause believe me Ima Set It Off chorus: Oh you "Bucked Up and Fucked Up" but you aint got no iron.

Dont even respect your elders so aint respectin mine. But Ima hit u wit dat 9. Put some sense in you nigga. SHoulda put sumthin on yo ass when you was a lil nigga. But you want play with real niggaz. Well set it off. You scared to let it off. Plus yo dady wasnt no dawg. Yo moma had more heart then yo daddy bitch ass. He aint gone set nuthin off.

Thats what made you soft. BitchU want come in that South? Where it get dumb in drought. Where niggaz wild out like O-Dogg. And run in yo house.

And runnin' yo mouth is crucial watch what you say bout Boosie. Cuz Boosie tote Oozies. And his hitman foolish. I aint neva had shit. But I can fuck a bad bitch. Quicker than u can count to six. I get disrespected at all. Dont make me let it off in this mutha fucka. And you gone respect a dawg up in dis mutha fucka. Cuz Ill set it off.

I set it off in dis mutha fucka. Cuz Ill set it off Thanks to Jason for these lyrics. That's What They Like. Who it is at da do, bitch dis baby tracklight. Dey critisize me talk about me like sum fuckin hoes, dey fuck mah name up with promos say i dont cum 2 shows Fuck it nigga bring the blues really aint got nuthin to loose keep my name up out yo mouth and nigga i aint gon fuck wit u bitch!

Dey criticize me huh dey talk about me bad let me tell u dis bitch u dun made me mad im mad im mad bitch u dun made me mad im mad im mad bitch u dun made me mad Everbody holla gutta nigga know thats had shit.. My baby mama she gotta go she leave my son wit anybody.. Damn near had me crown dey say i ratted on yo, but his own blood ratted on 'em put that in yo notes but i kept it real wit his ass,when we start makin dat cash,when it went down, he changed thats why im mad..

Fuck my head up mo cuz i seen 'em lay down on da murder scene now im mad as a bitch sad as a bitch. Ready to get in some savage shit gotta be cool cant be no fool gotta plan this shit and damage it..

Now im mad at da world cursin' out everybody sumtimes i take it out on my girl but im soory.. Im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, im mad, bitch u dun made me mad Since we was small, look u was around nigga You dont pay 'cause i took tha charge 'cause im down nigga wen we was broke we cocked it back and we was blastin wen we could smoke we pulled off witcho sacks,laughing if we get chose, we goin on the same line, boxin at the same time, u my thug and I aint lyin.

Let me fuck yo main line, U dont cherish it. When beef kicked off, U the 1st one hollin burry this, Look, i'll tell ya this, If u cross em', I'm gon bank a bitch. If 4 niggas go on this lick, 2 of dem aint gon get shit. My wodie, my round, my vick, Kick our do' together.

We pull out bread, and score together. Go to tha head to blow together. Unclick it, aint no level my patna, my friend. If yo high dont kick in, I'll give u my last shot of gin. One of our dogs go sour, U holler, "We can take the click.

This bossie bad azz bossie bad azz and i want to know tonite why they hatin on me why they hatin on me shit [chorus: Used to have hoes who triflin, Now I got pros, who dikin, and its exciting, its exciting. I had too many hoes, who triflin. Dirty shell toes, and Nikes. I didn't like it, it was exciting. Till I got money, I got ice and hoes got right, they got fiesty. Tried to put me in the studio, I kept writing.

Droppin that gangsta shit, and its exciting. Purple after purple, mayne, we kept lightin. Concert after concert mayne we kept fighting.

We struck tha world real quick, like lightning. You pussy ass rap niggas, stop biting. I used to fuck wit lil girls wit lil minds who ain't grown yet, before you wear a thong get yo pussy in check.

Yo hygiene a motherfucker you 'sposed to stay smellin right, especially if you got a nigga wit money, that's wat he like. All my shows, be exciting. Hoes grabbin on my dick, wanna bite it. Didn't yo mama treat you betta?

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Lord Infamous - I Need Drugz Lyrics. When I come home from work Im fiendin for an eight-ball I got crack on my mind Im hearing cocaine call Telling me to beep the dealer to deli. forever fiending (freestyle) lyrics: off the shit off the shit off the shit / you look just like a lick / like a lick id like to get / i hit like noriega drip drip drip / when i whip whip whip. When I Come Home lyrics. Browse for When I Come Home song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed When I Come Home lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to When I Come Home. Related artists: Here i come falling, Come and play, Come the dawn, Home for real, Home free, Home made kazoku, Home most days, I.o.i.