Mileage from second job to home

Tax Deduction for Mileage to Second Job

Customer visits Driving from your office or another work site to meet with customers or clients for business qualifies. Commuter Mileage Deduction for Employee? I noticed i have been claiming myself as a dependent throughout the year on my taxes as the only dependent while being single? Please enter a valid email. Defining Second Job A second job is a job that you go to after you already have worked at another job for the day. You should calculate your potential deduction using both methods and choose the method that yields the biggest tax deduction. If you go home or run personal errands between leaving your first workplace and reporting to your second job, the IRS only permits you to claim the miles you would have driven if you had gone directly from your first job to your second place of work.

The mileage from your home to your first job or from your second job to your home is not deductible. For example, suppose your home is 15 miles from your first job and 27 miles from your second job. The two jobs are 25 miles apart.

Same-Day Requirement

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IRS Commuting Rule: Mileage Rules & Commute Definition. By Stephen Fishman on December 29, Your commute between home and a second job is never deductible on a day off from your main job; Once you’re sure your drives from home are deductible, be sure to track all your miles. Without an accurate mileage log, the IRS can reject your. Jan 31,  · To my mind, this is commuting mileage, and is not deductible. Commuting mileage is traveling from your home to any of your jobs and back. If your . I work a second job can I claim my milage to the second job. I work a second job and I was told I can claim my mileage. If I can do I use the distance from my first job to the second and back or do I use the distance from my first job to my second and then home.