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How to Work from Home and Stay Ultra-Productive

For anyone looking to have more productive days while working from home, here are four tips: You know, the dream of working from home. How do you get anything done if you have kids around? The survey found that only around 55 percent of employers provided laptops, 31 percent provided smartphones and 19 percent provided tablets to their workers. Lister notes that when determining the efficacy of remote vs. Celebrities share how they are affected by the price increase of basic commodities 16 September ,

Mar 07,  · However, it’s safe to say that, according to studies, as long as the job is one that can be performed from home, most people are more productive when working from home, but that productivity is strongly subject to the policies put in place by the employer.

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Cut Out Distractions — Put yourself in a vacuum. Shut down every distraction possible. I can understand the appeal, but you can get work done twice as fast without multitasking which will save you a few minutes to use those programs later. Start Early — Waking up early and start working right in the morning is a good idea.

Know Thy Energy — Know when you are feeling drained and tired. My rule is simple. Learn to Say No — When you are working at home and have flexibility, this is the perfect opportunity for friends, family and associates to rip time away from you.

But I do write down exactly what I want to have accomplished by the end of the day tomorrow. Setting daily goals keeps you from feeling you need to do everything by splitting your workload into a manageable chunk. Use Parkinsons Law — Parkinsons Law basically states that a task will expand to the time you give it. Crunch your workload by giving yourself only a few minutes to finish tasks where completion is more important than perfection.

Learn to churn out content. This means that once you run out of ideas, you tell yourself that your goal is volume not quality. Tell yourself that you will redo it later if it is too horrible. The truth is, usually the quality is decent and you get back to normal after a few minutes of churning. Create a Professional Space — Your environment should make you feel like working. Set your working hours to maximize your productivity when working and to keep work where it belongs.

I have frequently set vague limits on my work time which only served to make me an unproductive workaholic. Even if the rest of the day is unproductive, your day was still valuable if you get that task done.

Have a Social Life — Working from home often eliminates a lot of your social life. Pick a station or album and then let it play through, resisting the urge to play DJ all day. If old enough, explain to your children about the importance of allowing you quiet, focused time. Otherwise, try to make arrangements for childcare during work hours. Try to anticipate your needs the way an administrator or manager might if you were onsite. Keep a supply of pens, printer ink, coffee, paper, and whatever else you may need — lighting and a good chair count, too — at-the-ready to avoid the distraction of a drive to the store — or worse, a trip down an Amazon rabbit hole.

Your body and productivity will thank you. It may seem counterproductive to take breaks in order to be more productive, but research has shown that the most productive workers focus for 52 minutes, and then disengage for 17 minutes, helping your mind reboot and refresh to get back in the saddle.

The only thing standing in the way of you dominating working from home is yourself — and maybe read: Luckily, there are a lot of habits you can pick up that will help you save time and get more accomplished.

Below are 5 ways to become more productive as a work-at-home blogger:. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter can be extremely distracting. They really can be a black hole that sucks you in for hours. So instead of avoiding your social media accounts all together, which we know is unrealistic, set a specific time when you allow yourself to check them. Maybe you choose Create Your Own Work Schedule Your life will be so much easier if you set a specific work schedule and stick to it.

Following a routine will be easier to maintain compared to working different times each week. The most obvious, and probably most effective time to work is from 8: The great thing about this time is the majority of people you know are probably also working so you wont be as easily distracted or miss out on something fun… which can happen if you work nights or weekends.

You might be invited out to lunch or have a friend who wants to text you throughout the day. Whatever it is, you need to say no to these types of distractions and save them for after hours. One way to make this easier is by setting boundaries with the people in your life.

You can even spruce it up with a plant, framed photos, or a comfy chair to make it feel a little more like an official office.

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Aug 27,  · Bloom and his team discovered that the employees who worked from home were quite a bit more productive in a given week than they’d been at the office; at-home employees made, on average, % more calls per week than their counterparts in the office. This translated into roughly a whole extra work day every week, and all because of a simple change in scenery. Working From Home Makes You Happier and 'Massively' More Productive, According to Science Productivity A company in Singapore made half its employees work from home for two years. Quartz at Work. Management news, advice, and ideas for business leaders The study found that employees at home were on average 13% more productive, making more phone calls and spending more.