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If you don't attempt All of their save rebuttals then they dont pay you AT ALL for your time even though their customer was assisted nonetheless. You will need a personal computer PC running Windows 7 or better. You can apply right now for part-time work from home at these companies:. Working at home makes a huge difference in my life. I would love to be paid hourly instead of talk time. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. If you are not recieving calls then you aren't getting paid.

NexusOp reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I only worked for short time but it was good side job opportunity for extra cash. Cons. most of the people i spoke to wanted their money back. For a new work from home company, they pay on time and they're a real company. I enjoy /5().

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I sent a "ticket" to support last week with basically the same feedback after a fristrating 2 hours logged on That was the last straw for me. Nexus Op should be shut down. Give it a try and you'll see Your company is a joke and the sad thing is, I'm sure you know it. During the 3 hour UNPAID training, Nexus Ops refers to a compensation structure but then gives a disclaimer stating the payment structure does not represent what you will be making and you will be updated with current compensation information later on.

So I am posting the compensation structure provided to me as of July 30th which is as follows: Cost to Independent Contractor: This is used to improve QA and to ensure the accuracy of the call you completed and the information you provided.

Post Call Surveys are a very important component to calculating service fees. In some cases, the customer's experience of the call may conflict with your experience, but we will honor the customer's survey results. QA - I agree my fee will be reduced upon failure to follow the QA guidelines.

Please refer to the compensation structure posted in the Pro section. This company will even deduct the agent based on your not following call guidelines and even negative surveys from the customer which includes matters beyond the agents control. There is no ramp up or onboarding period where you can practice calls. Also too, any negative earnings get rolled over into the following week. Additionally, there is a chat room set up via Skype where agents were complaining that they were not getting credit for actually saving some of the clients from canceling their service.

This is also a problem if Nexus Ops is not giving agents proper credit for the good work they are doing, considering the compensation for GOOD WORK is needed to offset the deductions and also the fact you have to pay to take calls.

Show the compensation structure up front so agents can make an informed decision as to if they want to work as an independent contractor for your firm at all.

I didn't care for the management team. Most team members were related, like that's how you got the job. If you weren't apart of the family, you were treated like an outsider. Advancement is there but not always open to "everyone", poor HR department they lost my letters of recommendation and I had to provide new ones. If you are on a good program with good coworkers that helps the long stressful shifts.

Your coworkers tend to change due to burn out. The PTO is nice but you never really have a good schedule and it's so stressful you deserve double those days off. If you get hurt at work no one will really care and HR will threaten to fire you even though you got hurt at work. The best part about this job is watching the kids leave successful.

Awful work and management. Worst management i have ever seen schedule changes with no notice. Your put in set up situations. Not worth it look elsewhere! Your lect on your own alot which could be violent or false allegations.

What I have had learned from that in many things from the Ceo and the case manager, how to handle those clients and do the progress notes. The management, schedules, outreach, business trip to education and training them. The workplace culture, at work and varies places that need to training or business with them. The hardest part of this job, to who someone has no language. I have to do the gesture to them and educational them. The most enjoyable part of this job, meet people and teach, training, educational, and business trip.

Kindred Family Focus part of Nexus. My job as a visitation Monitor is made easier by caring and respectful managers. We are able to choose if we want more cases or less, depending on how much you want to work.

The only drawbacks are, if your case gets put on hold by the county, you don't work and don't get paid. Sometimes the case you have may involve some element of possible danger. A great treatment culture and supportive of staff. Supervisors care about their staff and try to find ways to help them grow as people and professionals.

There are plenty of trainings and leadership opportunities available. It's an open culture where staff have a place to let their voices be heard. The treatment philosophy is one that emphasizes positive relationship building and learning from mistakes. Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros I love the flexibility of the schedule available. Cons Not enough call volume at times.

Advice to Management I would love to be paid hourly instead of talk time. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. I worked at NexusOp part-time Pros easy to work from home and get direct deposit for your work, I only worked for short time but it was good side job opportunity for extra cash. Cons most of the people i spoke to wanted their money back. Pros Create your own schedule, work at home. Cons You are paid per talking minute, not by the hour.

Advice to Management Pay by the hour and stop taking away from employees pay for mistakes. Cons If you are not recieving calls then you aren't getting paid. Advice to Management Don't over hire becauss then there are too many people not receiving calls and just waiting for a customer to come on the line.

Pros flexible and always pay on time, easy user interface, great pay. Cons sometimes for no reason you stop receiving calls for days or even weeks, and support tickets are not always answered,i have not recived calls in over 2 weeks.

Advice to Management answer all tickets sent to the support team, make the live chat assistance more educatred, fix the call routing issues, i have not recived calls in over 2 weeks. Pros Flexibility, paid on time, easy job.

Cons Kind of low paying job. Pros work from home position and set your own schedule. Cons My exerience had been good but sometimes call are dropped. Advice to Management they been great.

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NexusOP Employee Reviews. Review this company. Yeah, it is a work at home job, but they paid every week, and that is what I need. Been with them more than a year and every week I get my money in my account. It is direct deposit. You talk through a computer, not through a phone, and that take a little getting used to for some people /5(31). Nexus OP Jobs are a flexible way to earn extra income each month from home. As a Nexus OP Customer Service Consultant, you have complete control over your schedule. So if you have a full-time job, caretaker responsibilities, or other priorities that keep you busy, you can schedule yourself around /5. Find a job at nexusop. Apply for nexusop job opportunities from entry level to management positions at Monster.